November 10, 2022

A case study from the Italian market

Nathalie Kock
Project Manager
Alina Schuster
Project Manager
Read how the Italian market leveraged digitization to increase sales

Arkwright Digital is hosting the digital onboarding solution for a major card provider in Italy since 2018. The web application is including a frontend, where small business owners can apply for different credit card products, as well as a backend self-service portal, where the card provider can adjust the front-end and manage different card offers. Arkwright digital is also managing several API integrations to make the digital application for the customer as easy and fast as possible.

In 2021 the card provider decided to expand the product portfolio in Italy and include two new cobrand cards. As the existing journey hosted by Arkwright Digital was showing great results, the card provider was hoping to leverage the existing capabilities for these new products. Therefore, Arkwright was asked to conduct a feasibility study and asses if the digital onboarding solution could host the new cobrand cards.

The feasibility study started with several smaller workshops, where the card provider and the cobrand partner together with Arkwright Digital discussed the basic requirements of this project. Based on those workshops and several internal discussions, in the middle of December 2021, Arkwright Digital presented a feasibility assessment, stating that the existing digital onboarding solution is suitable to be leveraged for this project. The feasibility study was providing a high-level overview of changes and new implementations that must be carried out for this project. The following timeline was agreed together with the card provider and the cobrand partner:

  • 1.     January – March -> Definition of Requirements
  • 2.     April – May -> Development
  • 3.     May - June ->  Devo Testing
  • 4.     July – October -> Market Product Testing
  • 5.     25th October 2022 -> Launch

Definition of requirements

After the feasibility assessment and the creation of a high-level overview, the next steps were initiated. The first three months of the project timeline were then spent on deep diving into customer needs, technical requirements, as well as map out compliance regulations to get a full picture of the project requirements. The focus was laid on customer behavior and defining several different scenarios, all of which needed to be covered by the digital onboarding solution. The main requirements for the project included:

  • Secure data transmission between four parties  integrate four new APIs and adjust the existing API integrations
  • Tailoring the existing front to the cobrand product needs
  • Implementing layers of security capabilities


After the extensive requirements analysis, the development was starting. Arkwright Digital decided to split up the initial development into two sprints. The first sprint was covering the frontend changes and some of the security capabilities. The second sprint was then focusing on the API integration and the security capabilities related to the APIs. This agile approach was chosen, to shorten development time and extend the time for testing. Additionally, the second sprint should give the capacity to cater to any new upcoming requirements.

The first four-week sprint was completed at the end of April. All front-end changes, as well as a data encryption capability at the beginning of the customer journey, were implemented. At the same time, Arkwright Digital integrated an API Dummy data capability, to mock up API data. With the help of this procedure, the testing could start without the full API integration and several subsequent processes in the card provider system which were triggered by the application could be validated. Thus, the environment could be effectively tested without an API integration already after the first sprint.

The second four-week sprint was mostly focused on the integration of four new APIs. The goal was to ensure data transmission between all four parties that are included in the process. Also, Arkwright Digital needed to cater to a new additional requirement: The cobrand partner does not hold a broker license in Italy. Hence, they are by law not allowed to display any card product information. Therefore, Arkwright Digital needed to integrate a totally new page in the customer journey stating the product details. Furthermore, several security checks were included, where data is checked between different parties to ensure data consistency.

Development testing

Development testing was already started after the first sprint. The focus was to test the subsequent processes in the card provider and cobrand partner systems initiated by the application. Also, the front-end changes were validated. Once the development testing as well as the second sprint was completed, all changes were pushed to the production systems.  

Market product testing

Market product testing in the production system started after the second sprint and the development testing in July. Here the focus was laid on data transmission as well as a variety of customer scenarios and behaviours. More than 500 test cases were performed and validated. Minor bugs could be identified and fixed within the given timeframe. Additional required variables in the API integration were also identified and implemented.

Launch and results

The two new cobrand card products were launched on the night of 25th October 2022. We as Arkwright Digital experienced a very smooth launch as well as an instant customer response. Already after the first ten minutes, the first applications were coming in. The data of the first week is showing great results and we are proud to see a conversion rate of 56% as well as an application increase of almost 200%.

In total, we can look back to a very successful project, where a complex integration has been split up into two development sprints and testing time was used efficiently. All upcoming bugs, issues, and new requirements were handled in a collaborative way by all four parties. Challenges were mastered together, and in the end, a great customer experience was provided with the digital onboarding solution perfectly in the timeline. We are looking forward to all future projects and collaborations together ahead.

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