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Arkwright Digital has extensive knowledge on how to reduce friction in digital onboarding processes


bad user experience

For every reduntant field the customer has to manually enter, the likelihood of drop-off increases. We not only make our applications easy for the eye, but we also incorporate various API integrations to make the process as fast and smooth as possible.

no interconnectedness

Our research suggests that many applications are started just to be finished at a later point, often on a different device. Despite this, the industry standard fails to sufficiently incentivize the customer to complete the journey, leaving many business opportunities behind.

lack of insights

Understanding how the customers experience the onboarding process is imperative to creating a fully optimized journey, free of frustration and lost business opportunities. Today, most onboarding services fail to provide and utilize this vital information to improve the product.


An emphasis on design

Design need not be merely beautiful, but also functional. Our design philosophy puts the user in focus layered around our bountiful experiences on how to design and implement web applications that beat the industry standard.

Win-back techniques

Re-engaging passive customers is a necessity in today's attention economy. We establish systems with comprehensive win-back techniques which have been proven to accelerate customer growth significantly.

post-launch analysis

Data is gold, if you just know how to transform it. We work with our clients to understand painpoints that may occur during their respective onboarding journeys, then offer solutions on how to best tackle them.

We partner with all the
major API providers

Arkwright Digital has established an ecosystem consisting of various service providers to ensure that we tackle modern problems with the best possible tools. Listed below are a few providers we partner with. For a full overview of our capabilities and partnerships, please contact us.

[ eID Services ]
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[ Risk Assessment]
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[ Infrastructure Provider]
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Development Partners

One of our partner companies making things possible is DataArt. With world-wide offices, they offer support when needed.

DataArt is a global software engineering firm that takes a uniquely human approach to Solving Problems

Webfader provides expertise within reach. Based in Hamburg, they are our partners on small-and-medium scale projects

Based in the heart of Hamburg, Webfader excell at web-based project solutions & tailor made software.
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