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Arkwright Digital is a digital partner to major brands and organizations worldwide


Base important decisions on industry-specific expert opinion

Our parent company, Arkwright Consulting, offers extensive support to business leaders developing and implementing IT strategies for lasting value creation.


Harness data and analytics to reach business objectives

Using advanced machine-learning techniques, we are able to derive business insights from large amounts of unstructured data.


Understand and challenge industry-leading benchmarks to gain a competitive advantage

We challenge the status-quo and offer innovative solutions to tackle digital challenges.


Combine design considerations with customer expectations for a smooth interface

We have a customer-centric approach to the power of design to solve digital challenges, both in the front -and back-end.


Follow best practices to ensure a smooth and reliable onboarding process

Our comprehensive experience in building onboarding applications gives us an understanding of what works - and what doesn't.


Combine hands-on industry knowledge with academic insights to get the upper hand

The Arkwright Group produces extensive reports on various industries to offer our customers value not found elsewhere.

We cover a wide range
of sectors


Since its establishment in 1987, Arkwright has supported a broad spectrum of industrial clients across sectors such as infrastructure, construction, manufacturing, metals, and process industries. Companies in these sectors face a similar core challenge: making future-looking investments in assets and development to secure a leading position in tomorrow’s markets while, at the same time, building an agile organization with a flexible cost structure to enable quick adaptation to today's turbulence.

Technology and software

In recent years, the technology and software sector has experienced rapid growth across the board and is generally considered one of the fastest growing industries globally. Technology companies live and drive disruption as they revolutionise whole sectors, changing how businesses operate and, indeed, how we all live our daily lives. Arkwright has a track record of working with a broad set of technology and software companies  offering solutions to various industries and end-users.

Financial services

The financial services industry is changing rapidly. Demographics and increasing life expectancy are influencing customer behavior at the same time as the global economy comes under serious pressure. At Arkwright, we see these market changes as opportunities for our clients. The experience we have gained from more than 1,000 financial services projects over the past 30 years underscores this approach.


Arkwright traces its roots to the Nordics, renowned as the home of the world’s first cashless societies. We have helped to shape the development of digital payments strategies and products such as mobile payments and new acceptance solutions. Today, we are continuing to shape business and operating models along the entire payment value chain worldwide and in all payment channels, including cash collection.

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We have a long and successful history of crafting application forms that make it easier for companies to onboard new customers.

A good back-end deserves a good front-end. We make sure that our products are not only beautiful, but also functional.

We partner with most major API service providers to offer your business exactly what it needs.

With strong support from Arkwright Consulting, we help business leaders develop and implement strategies for lasting value creation.

By digitising existing practices, you remove the friction to do business. By doing so, you bring unrealised value to your offerings - and we help you do just that.

We not only implement, but also maintain. This ensures that our systems are always running in accordance with the customer's expectations.

Numbers can reveal significant insights about a firm's performance if you know where to look. We do.

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