October 24, 2022

Interview with Philipp Greder

Philipp Greder
Managing Director
Meet our Senior Project Manager!

Philipp, tell us about your background!

I'm 31 years old and grew up in southern Schleswig-Holstein, northern Germany. My father was a project manager at one of the largest IT consulting firms in the world. (Hint: only 3 letters!)

So for me, IT and project management were always part of growing up. I then studied in Kiel, taking a bachelor's and then a master's degrees in industrial engineering with a focus on electrical engineering and information technology. During my studies, I was more or less permanently employed as a working student, also always in project management. So, when I finished my studies, it was a natural decision for me to start my career in IT or consulting/project management.

Why did Arkwright Digital become your home and not another IT consulting/project management agency?

As I've just outlined, from early on, it was clear to me that I wanted to work in consulting or project management. Due to my personal interests and my studies, it was also clear that I wanted to work in IT and digitization. I then focused on finding a job in Hamburg. Why? Why would you want to work anywhere else? Joking aside, the deciding factor for me was that Arkwright Digital is a young and dynamic company whichcombines the advantages of IT and consulting and,due to its enormous growth potential, offers great career opportunities. Here, you have the possibility of participating in the company's story right from the start.

Tell us about some of the projects you have worked on in your time at Arkwright Digital.

Currently, Arkwright Digital is very strong in payment and insurance. Especially during the pandemic (and for some time after), these sectors were growing rapidly across the board, in Germany, Europe and worldwide. Here, we support global market leaders to expand their digital capabilities, acquire new customers, and help with digital transformation. We're experts for our customers in every aspect of payment, advise them on a daily basis, and try to find solutions commonly to complex problems.

And what is a normal working day like at Arkwright Digital?

There is actually no such thing as 'normal working day'. Sure, we have routines and regular meetings, but every day brings something new. Neverthelss, I'll try to outline a 'normal' day: we usually start with dailies with the project team and with different development teams and development partners, working out presentations about things like project-related content or new sales leads, analysing cost calculations and creating new offers. There's a bit of design in prototyping tools to give customers the best visibility of new developments, various customer calls with colleagues in and from all around the globe, and some lively exchanges with our colleagues from Arkwright Consulting: we are always working out joint projects and developments, participating in various internal social events and team activities... Sometimes, we're remote and sometimes, we're in the office. And if it happens to be Friday and we happen to be in, we like to end the day with an after-work beer in our office kitchen overlooking the rooftops of the city.

What do you think about the career opportunities at Arkwright Digital?

Amazing! Since Arkwright Digital is still a young company, everyone basically counts as an employee of day one. If you perform well, take new responsibilities, and grow with the projects, there is almost no other option than to advance very quickly. The training opportunities are also great. These consist of various internal training programmes, curricula per career level, training sessions with the other Arkwright offices, and, of course, several one-2-ones a year. Depending on your personal interest or preferences, individual training can be agreed, too. One person may want to focus on design, another on management, and someone else other might be looking to take their English to the next level. Everything is possible.

Last but not least, what is your tip for all new employees at ADG?

Just be yourself, be communicative, have the desire to make a difference and to be part of an awesome team.

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