October 24, 2022

Interview with CEO Steve Pscheid

Steve Pscheid
Managing Director
To some, he's just Steve. To Arkwright Digital, he's one of the Managing Directors.

Steve, tell us about your background!

I'm 49 years old and grew up in Bavaria, on the shores of Lake Starnberg. My father was an aerospace engineer at ESA/ NASA (SpaceLab) and Manager at EADS.

After my time in the military (German Navy), I trained as a banker – and that's where I caught the bug and became fascinated by the combination of technology and financial services. Then, during my studies in media management and design, I worked at a very alrge publishing house in Germany.

In the mid-90s, we started producing websites and network-based applications, and I finished there as a triple management director. So it was a great start to my career!

In 2000, I started my journey as a consultant for digital disruption, digital transformation and digitalisation. It was an interesting, international path bringing together thetwo halves of my career to date: development and consultancy.

Today, I have the pleasure of combining both at Arkwright Digital.

Why was it Arkwright Digital that become your home and not another IT consulting/project management agency?

More than others, Arkwright Digital was able to deliver an emotional connection between business and modern work. In other words: Arkwright Digital combines consultancy and development in a clever and highly effective way, working with experienced partners on a worldwide sacle. As such, ADG is able to deliver projects in every size, all over the world, state-of-the-art and highly secure.

Then there are all these crazily talented, highly-educated people. What could be better than working with all these great people and fantastic possibilities for a range of major clients and corporates?

Tell us about some of the projects you have worked on in your time at Arkwright Digital.

During the last 18 months, we have been focussing strongy on the payments industry. Partly, we've been working on automated application forms (end-2-end) for onboarding or for existing clients' campaigns. I was really intrigued by how complex an application form could be, but if you try to automate as much as possible – if you try to use as many APIs as possible – and, finally, if you deliver all data into an ERP-System, it'll be worth it (and you’ll have fun). I promise!

It is a real challenge to build systems which are able to use existing data from ERP or CRM systems for pre-filling the application form, but it's important, because it optimises the conversion rate. But once you’ve cleared some of the most interesting obstacles, you can just sit back and enjoy watching the data import: pre-filling, APIs, digital ID,  contract … Real end-2-end user experience. Cool stuff!

And what is a normal working day like at Arkwright Digital?

What is normal in these times of "new normals"? Well… Our job has always been close to computers. After more than 25 years in IT, though, the PM profile has changed a bit: the tools are more powerful. Today, we use JIRA to organise development, time-tracking, and much more. During Corona period, we immediately switched to virtual working methods – and that wasn't too difficult because we work internationally and so were already used to having several digital calls a day.

So what does a normal working day look like? Short answer: get up, take a shower, hit the PC, and then go to bed… That’s the rhythm.

Oh, wait, I forgot: every day, you'll have calls with interesting people – and our team spirit is great!

What are the career opportunities at Arkwright Digital?

Answered from my management point of view, we offer a great base, anopen minded and professional environment, in which to start your career. We work with our employees as team members – everyone is part of this  highly-intelligent and technically interested team. Our passion and attitude, and all the possibilities to which we have access, open up almost limitless horizons. Implementing all ofthis technically is more than just exiting: there is still a lot of pioneering work – and a lot of fun – to be had!

Last but not least, what is your tip for all new employees at ADG?

Beware of the boss! And: if you want to be part of a great team, if you want to be part of great ideas and projects, if you want to work for huge and international clients, if you want to work with brand new methods and technologies, then you've come to the right place. Yes, you want to be part of Arkwright Digtial!

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